Wednesday, February 10, 2016

World is changing every fraction of minute it seems! Every second a new development occurs, new technologies arise taking each minute in forward way simultaneously pushing mankind backward.

Online shopping malls or virtual malls set an ideal example for the above description. It’s a boon as well as curse too… oops! Making a contradictory sentence….

One way online shopping saves time, energy and it’s a most convenient shopping method these days. Thanks to internet who made it possible. Even at business end also it’s giving tremendous advantages like no need to set up a big mall, maintaining it and keeping work force. Once again saving more money and which ultimately gives benefit to the customers.

Likewise there should be some disadvantages too….
When you go physically with your partner for a shopping mall and arguing with the stuff to buy but finally getting somethings after compromising huh! It’s too messy!!! But don’t you feel some warmth in it? I think most of the girls agree with me…. Earlier it was a reason to get along which used to fill up the lacunae.

So guys lets get back to the old conversations again… try to visit a shopping mall with your partner soon and share your experiences with me.

Will be waiting!!!